Before you can hold the finished photo book in your hands, there is a lot to do. But do not worry, with our guide to your personal photo book you will be guided step by step through the process.

The way to your personal wedding photo book in 10 steps

If you want to create wedding photo album yourself, you can make some decisions. In the steps 1 – 5. We will explain to you which questions you should ask for, and then proceed to the steps. Aimed at working on a album.

1. Create a rough concept for your wedding photo album!

Perhaps you have already thought about which photos or what occasion you would like to immortalize in the photo book. If not, you should first think about it. Ask the following questions: What photos do you want to include in the book? Would you like to make one or more copies? Should it become a rather extensive or a rather thin photo book? If you are aware of these fundamental issues, it is much easier for you to make the following decisions.

2. Decide for the outward appearance!

Since you already know the structure of your wedding album, the decisions for the equipment are now taken. It is best to select the size and the format. Then decide for a cover and the appropriate binding type. Finally, select the paper type and the printing method.

To each of these aspects, we’ve created an article that will help you choose the right exterior. But watch out: Not every type of tie is available in combination with any size or cover. For example, if you want to create a wedding photo book with a leather hardcover and a back stitch binding, you will find it difficult to find a supplier – even if you are flexible in size, paper type, and printing.