Fill your photo book with system!

Think about the structure of the photo book. This will make it easier for you to assemble the individual pictures, and secondly, it is also more interesting for you and others to browse the book afterwards. Typically, wedding photographs are chronological. The sequence of a day is depicted in an illustrated manner. However, another structure is also possible. The first pages can be filled with the location, the decoration and small cut-outs of the fresh entrants, which creates tension. Afterwards, the bride and groom is distributed in abundance from every perspective and at every opportunity on the Fotobuch pages and finally the guests come. The main feature is: wedding photobooks should be filled with system.

Decorate your wedding photo book!

Many manufacturers have integrated designs, clip-arts, backgrounds etc. specifically for wedding photobooks in their software. Look at them, maybe you want to take over some of the decoration elements for your photo book. Of course, you can completely dispense with these extras, for some a taste these are too kitschy. Ask yourself if you will love the rose background and heart frame in twenty years? If you are not sure, stay with a simple design. If you are familiar with Photoshop, GIMP, or similar programs, and are in tinker, you can also create your own custom clipart. Remove the photographed wedding ring or braid from the background and distribute the cut object on the photobook pages.

Have your wedding photo book checked!

As with any photo book, including wedding photo books, you should not forget the control at the end of the design process. Four eyes see more than two eyes, and six or eight eyes look even more. Spelling and typing errors, layout uncleanings and bad quality pictures have nothing to look for in a photo book of the most important day of your life. Use the preview and control functions if the photo book software you are using offers something like this.